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Turn your Bic 4-color ballpoint pen into a stylus!

The “Smart Tip,” a simple, reliable product that merges digital and analog makes its American debut!

■ About SMART-TIP(Bic 4 color ballpoint pen Set) sold this time
Smart-Tip, an innovation from Japan’s Unus Product Service, makes it super easy to customize a Bic 4-color ballpoint pen into
a digital stylus that can be held with a normal pen grip.
Simply swapping the end of a regular Bic 4-color ballpoint pen with the Smart Tip quickly converts it into a touch pen. Best of all,
the intuitive design of the Smart Tip means the pen continues to function as normal – just press the plunger as usual to go
from pen to stylus and back.
The Smart Tip brings a new level of convenience to an increasingly digitized world, letting users interact with their tablets and
other devices without having to bring a second utensil for handwriting notes, signing credit card receipts, etc.Plus,
the Smart Tip is extremely comfortable to use, since you don’t need your grip as with existing stylish tips that attach to ballpoint pens.

“electric-tip (E-TIP),” a special material developed in-house is employed in the pen tip.
It is even possible to use the product smoothly over protective films, and on devices with low-sensitivity touch panels,
such as the iPad mini. The product’s oil and abrasion resistance is outstanding. The aggregate of analog merged with digital brings unprecedented performance, an advantage in any situation such as work, school and more.
Two-piece sets of E-TIP pen-tip spare cores developed by the company are also being launched for sale concurrently.

About “Electro-Tip”
“Electro-Tip” is the name given to the special proprietary material that coats the stylish tip of Unus Product Service’s Smart Tip.
The revolutionary material offers superb performance, even on low-sensitivity touch panels (such as an iPad Mini). The Electro-Tip material is oiland abrasion resistant, too, so it’s perfect for everyday use at work, school or home.
Two-piece sets of E-Tip pen-tip spare cores developed by the company are also being launched in conjunction with the Smart Tip product.

■ Product lineup
・SMART-TIP SET ST-B4 C-B (Body color: Black)
・SMART-TIP SET ST-B4 C-S (Body color: Silver)
・SMART-TIP SET ST-B4 C-M (Body color: Metallic)

■ Product prices
・SMART-TIP (Bic 4-color ballpoint pen set), $20 each
・E-TIP 2-piece set (a replacement pen tip to be used as a substitution for SMART-TIP) $14

It is a start as for sales of the commodity in the United States
The customer in the United States will sell preceding in the Amazon store.
It is possible to buy it from the following linked Websites.


Distributors wanted
We are currently recruiting sales distributors with brick-and-mortar shops domestically and abroad, including the U.S.
We are keen to discuss opportunities such as custom-order-models with any stationary manufacturers.

Please inquire the company that wants the sales agent of the contact form or  ‘info@unus-product.com‘.